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Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from parents regarding Early Intervention services provided by Progressus Therapy. Out of respect to families we work with, we did not include the names of parents who submitted testimonials.

"Ms. Goldie has changed the quality of my daughter's life. My daughter was not speaking and was getting very frustrated. Ms. Goldie gave her the confidence and skills to ease her communication. It was truly a pleasure working with her. We have such gratitude."
C.E., Maryland

"Our son Luke has received occupational therapy from Pia for the past three years- Luke has made nice progress with his fine motor ability. Pia provides weekly suggestions on how to address fine motor skills through daily activities. Her suggestions are easy to implement. Pia provides Luke a structured environment and encourages Luke to exceed his potential. Luke enjoys working with Pia and smiles when she comes to work with him. We are very pleased with the services that Pia provides to Luke and look forward to Luke's continued growth with fine motor development."
Elizabeth and Peter, Maryland

"Our journey with Cerebral Palsy began a year ago. We started physical therapy with Beth right away, and she has been a huge support to our family. Not only has she provided excellent therapy services for our daughter, but she has also been an advocate for our family. She has worked on our behalf with doctors, equipment providers and other therapists. Additionally, when we struggle with discouragement, Beth always seems to have a helpful word and encouraging smile."

Coming to terms with a disability has been one of the hardest things I've ever done. I can't imagine being on this journey without Beth to help us."
Christie, Illinois

"Karen has been working with my son since he was two and had a minimal vocabulary and no drive to speak. After three years undergoing therapy with Karen, Adam is above average for his age in vocabulary and loves to talk! Karen has worked closely with my son pinpointing specific speech goals and adapting to his personality and interests to find the best methods to achieve these goals. I appreciate that Karen involves the parents and leaves us with exercises to continue Adam's speech development outside of his therapy sessions. My son is now a chatterbox and full of confidence, which was all we could have ever hoped for three years ago!

Thank you for everything you and everyone else has done for Ethan. I really appreciate everything:) he has come a long way and I'm very happy and impressed with the work u all do. He is now a little parrot:) and I love it!"
Katie, Illinois

"Jessica, OT, is a wonderful therapist, who has been working with our son for eight months now. She is very knowledgeable, caring, and she has that special touch with kids. My son Alex is very comfortable with her, and he always anticipates sessions with Jessica with excitement and joy.

Jessica takes time to learn about each child and his/her needs, so that she could customize the treatment and achieve the best results. Her attention to detail, and knowledge are obvious. She is also very creative, and knows what children like, and to which methods they are most likely to positively respond.

Most of all…Jessica truly cares about children she works with. She is very energetic, and puts her heart and soul into her work with children.

We consider ourselves lucky to have Jessica as our son’s therapist. Alex has made great progress, and we know that Jessica played one of the major roles in that success. We feel confident knowing that someone like her is right there for our son, and that he is in good hands. Thank you, Jessica!"
Ana, Illinois

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