Applied Behavioral Analysis

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Applied Behavioral Analysis

Addressing behavioral challenges with a compassionate and effective approach.

Through Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), interventions are applied based on principles of learning and motivation to promote socially significant behavior change and to demonstrate that the interventions are responsible for these behavior changes. Progressus Therapy offers individualized interventions for children to understand challenging behavior and the therapist works collaboratively with families, caregivers and siblings teaching replacement skills, problem prevention and effective responses.

Behaviors that ABA services may address include those that:

  • Endanger the child, the family or others
  • Damage the belongings of the child or others
  • Disturb activities at home, in school or other settings
  • Inhibit the child from social interaction or participation in activities
  • Prevent the development of new skills
  • Limit communication and connection with others

Through our Early Intervention services, Progressus Therapy boasts some of the most skilled behavior analysts in the country, who focus not only on improving behavior, but overall quality of life for the entire family unit.

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